Elestial Amethyst Points

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Elestial Amethyst Points

Very rare Elestial Amethyst points will open up your higher consciousness, Third Eye Chakra and connect with celestial beings. These crystals have an extremely high vibration and are said to be an amazing catalyst for change. Use during meditation for optimal use.

  • Limited quantities available.
  • Measurements apx: 4.5" L x 1.5" W
  • Imported from Brazil

Due to the nature of gemstones, each is unique in color and consistencies. Imperfections are typical.

While crystals, gemstones, oils, and herbs have been used in the past for healing, it is in NO WAY a substitute for allopathic medical or psychological treatment and should not be taken as medical advice. Alternative practices that involve crystals, gemstones, oils, and herbs for wellness therapy is a matter of choice and personal belief and we offer no guarantee of results. If you are anyone you know has a serious health issue, seek medical advice from a Health Care Professional.

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