Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Himalayan Salt Massage Stone Salt Lamp


Dynamic Style

Salt lamps create a cozy feel in both classic and modern interiors. Due to the translucent nature of the salts, these lamps emit a dynamic glow and create a soothing effect.

Air Cleanser

Create a sense of warmth in your home during the cold the winters months. These lamps yield a refreshing effect, helping you relax and unwind at the end of the day. 


  • NATURAL MATERIAL: Fire Bowl Salt lamp is made from Natural Himalayan salt crystals, hand mined in the Himalayan mountains so every salt lamp is unique in color.
  • AIR PURIFIER: Himalayan Fire Bowl Salt lamp works to enhance the ionic balance of your living spaces. When heated; Salt Lamp emits negative ions that may fight against electromagnetic radiation and purify the surrounding air which helps you sleep better.
  • HOME DECOR: SALT GEMS Crystal Salt Fire Bowl Lamp is perfect for Home and Office décor in the day and even better at the night when its gentle glow envelops surrounding with its amber. When it is lit at night, it does create a sense of comfort and relief from fatigue and stress.
  • SOLID WOODEN BASE: Appropriately sized per crystal size. Durable, shrink-resistant, termite-resistant, crack-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
  • WARRANTY: If the ordered lamp is broken or faulty, we guarantee a replacement within 30 days with the original packaging and parts..
  • Note: The bulbs and cords for salt lamps which we sell are new (Functionality Tested). However, we do not offer any warranty or accept returns used bulbs.

Product Dimensions: 6" H x 6" L x 5" W

 Color: Varying in color naturally. Pink, Light Pink, Orange, Light Orange, Red

Material: Wood, Crystal Salt

Shade Color: Hues of Pink and Orange

Shade Material: Wood, Crystal Salt

Fur Description: Each lamp will be a unique piece - no two are ever the same - varying in size, shape and color, Hand Chipped Salt Stone, Dimmable Cord, Wooden Polished Base.


While crystals, gemstones, oils, and herbs have been used in the past for healing, it is in NO WAY a substitute for allopathic medical or psychological treatment and should not be taken as medical advice. Alternative practices that involve crystals, gemstones, oils, and herbs for wellness therapy is a matter of choice and personal belief and we offer no guarantee of results. If you are anyone you know has a serious health issue, seek medical advice from a Health Care Professional.

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